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Hey Kin!

I was snooping around and I found a guide for getting the Inn League deliveries done in under an hour. I updated it and hopefully it can help anyone here that's a member of the Inn League.

I would advise getting a stack of the drinks before starting the quests.

For swift travel, I've allotted 1 minute of travel time. Depending on your computer hardware you may load faster or slower. If you don't have Swift travel there's probably Stable-masters to utilize but it'll increase your time. Same goes for the Return to 'X' skills.

Each round trip of the delivery route will cost around 200 silver in travel fees.

Locations written in caps below are where you need to do your deliveries.

The travel route below assumes you start at the Party Tree in The Shire.

Swift travel is pretty self-explanatory. Stable-master means using the horse routes available at stable masters. Horse travel means getting on your own horse and travelling there yourself. Trait means using the Return to <Location> skill.

The Route:
1. Stable-master from Hobbiton to BROCKENBORINGS (2:00 min)
2. Stable-master from Brockenborings to OATBARTON (1:00 min)
3. Stable-master from Oatbarton to Ost Forod (6:10 min)
4. Swift travel from Ost Forod to Syri-Kyla (1:00 min)
5. Swift travel from Syri-Kyla to ZIGILUND (1:00 min)
6. Swift travel from Zigilund to Syri-Kyla (1:00 min)
7. Swift travel from Syri-Kyla to Garth Forthnir (1:00 min)
8. Swift travel from Garth Forthnir to AUGHAIRE (1:00 min)
9. Swift travel from Aughaire to Garth Forthnir (1:00 min)
10. Swift travel from Garth Forthnir to Esteldin (1:00 min)
11. Stable-master from Esteldin to OTHRIKAR (1:39 min)
12. Stable-master from Othrikar to Esteldin (1:39 min)
13. Swift travel from Esteldin to Rivendell (1:00 min)
14. Swift travel from Rivendell to HRIMBARG (1:00 min)
15. Swift travel from Hrimbarg to Rivendell (1:00 min)
16. Stable-master from Rivendell to ECHAD CANDELLITH (6:32 min)
17. Trait Return to Ost Guruth (1:00 min)
18. Horse travel from Ost Guruth to OST HAER (2:10 min)
19. Horse travel from Ost Haer to Ost Guruth (2:10 min)
20. Swift travel from Ost Guruth to South Bree (1:00 min)
21. Swift travel from South Bree to Celondim (1:00 min)
22. Stable-master from Celondim to Duillond (1:18 min)
23. Stable-master from Duillond to THRASI'S LODGE (1:23 min)
24. Trait Return to Thorin's Gate (1:00 min)
25. Horse travel from Thorin's Gate to EDHELION (1:29 min)
26. Trait Return to Bree (1:00 min)
27. Stable-master from West Bree to Hengstacer Farm, jump off at THORNLEY'S WORK SITE (1:20 min)
28. Trait Return to Shire (1:00 min)
29. Stable-master from Michel Delving to Hobbiton

~ Tedro