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About Us
Our Goal as a Kinship

To explore Middle Earth as a Kinship and share experiences through chatting, group content and helping each other out. A Kinship needs to work together and this can only be achieved when all members feel like they’re involved.

Rank 10 Kinship
  • Message of the Day
  • Officer Chat
  • Kinship House
  • Kinship Mail
  • Kinship Titles
  • Kinship Chat
  • Kinship Auctions
  • Maximum Players: 1400

Kin Chest Rules
  • Only take what you need.
  • Always try to donate as you take.
  • Cosmetics are a take, put on (unless bind-on-aquire, which is then for those with wardrobe only), and put back.
  • If caught selling what you take / are given, you will be demoted or expelled.
  • If cosmetics go missing, the privilege will be taken away.