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About Us
Code of Conduct

We want all of our members to have a voice and feel that they can express ideas and opinions without reservation or concern of backlash. It is only through this collaborative attitude that can we ensure that every member knows they are an important part of The Unexpected Party. We promote a friendly and upbeat atmosphere in our Kinship. We want all members to feel welcome. We like to tell jokes and make each other laugh. We do not aim to be offensive or crass. However, if you’re easily offended or tend to take things personally, we may not be the Kinship for you. Participation on our site is not required, but that’s where the majority of announcements and information will be.

We will accept any player that is looking for a Kinship. There is not a requirement on level, race, class or vocation. There is a one week waiting period for Recruits to become Members. After one week any Officer can promote a Recruit to Member, this does not require approval from any Councillor. The main reason for this is so that Recruits can determine if our Kinship is what they’re looking for. We respect the decision for a Recruit to leave. There will be no hard feelings and we appreciate anyone that wants to give our Kinship a chance.

Due to the structure of Kinships in LotRO, only Bakkgar can promote Members to Officer. All Councillors have the chance to decide who should be promoted to Officer but at least two Councillors must agree before Bakkgar can promote. Each member is allowed an unlimited number of alts but only their main character and one alt are eligible for promotion to Officer.