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LOTRO Weekly News: June 9th - June 15th

Interitus / Jun 11, 2017
The Scavenger Hunt continues through July 13th, and Department of Strategery has guides for each year. Links are provided in the schedule below.

Scavenger Hunt Schedule:

Note from the developers:
the Scavenger Hunt will be back next year. The quests you have completed will remain completed and the ones that remain will be waiting for you

Shirefest will be held June 16th-18th at the Methel-stage.

SSG has released issue #14 of the LOTRO Beacon. The comment to respond to this week for your chance to win 500 LOTRO points is, "What modern convenience would your favorite character most desire?"

LOTRO Bonus Days bring you a +25% Crafting Boost, now through June 11th!
Fight as a Servant of Sauron! Get 25% off:

  • Monster Classes
  • Monster Traits & Skills
  • 100% Infamy/Renown Gain
  • Now through June 15th!

Photocaption Contest:
We have three entries for the photocaption contest, please vote for your favorite in the poll on the side of the website.

The winner will receive a pet from Bert Bartleby from any location up to Bert at Caras Galadhon. The voting period ends on June 15th 1PM Eastern (2PM Central).

See you in Middle-earth.

- Interitus


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