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LOTRO Weekly News: May 19th - 25th

Interitus / May 19, 2017
The Scavenger Hunt continues through July 13th, and Department of Strategery has guides for each year. Links are provided in the schedule below.

Scavenger Hunt Schedule:
  • April 20: Year 1 and year 2 quests
  • April 27: Year 3
  • May 4: Year 4
  • May 11: Year 5
  • May 18: Year 6
  • May 25: Year 7
  • June 1: Year 8
  • June 8: Year 9
  • June 15: Year 10
  • July 13: End of the event

Note from the developers:
the Scavenger Hunt will be back next year. The quests you have completed will remain completed and the ones that remain will be waiting for you

LOTRO Beacon Issue #12 is out. The weekly comment to respond to for your chance to win 500 LOTRO points is, "A "proper" Hobbit doesn't get angry. Instead, they ______."

LOTRO Bonus Days: +25% XP Boost! - May 19th to May 21st

Make Haste! Get 20% off:
  • Milestone Skills
  • Hurried Traveller and Returning Traveller
  • Advanced Riding Traits
  • Rally Horns
  • Now through May 25th!

Photocaption Contest:
Congradulations to Bakkgar for winning last weeks photocaption contest. He'll receive either a 1st age legendary item of his choice, or a lootbox of his choice and a sturdy steel key.

This weeks photocaption picture depicts the time Merry and Pip spent with the Uruk-hai. This weeks winner will recieve two sturdy steel keys.

Please submit entries in the comment section below. The period for entries closes on May 25th 1PM Eastern (2PM Central).

See you in Middle-earth.

- Interitus


Anyone know the way to Isengard?
Worst Daycare ever!
Well, here's another nice kettle of fish you pickled me in!

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