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LOTRO Weekly News: April 28th - May 4th

Interitus / Apr 27, 2017
LOTRO 10th Anniversary event continues through May 9th at 3AM EST. There's a guide at Department of Strategery (HT Tedro).

Scavenger Hunt Schedule:
  • April 20: Year 1 and 2 quests
  • April 27: Year 3
  • May 4: Year 4
  • May 11: Year 5
  • May 18: Year 6
  • May 25: Year 7
  • June 1: Year 8
  • June 8: Year 9
  • June 15: Year 10
  • July 13: End of the event

Note from the developers:
But here's the important thing: the Scavenger Hunt will be back next year. The quests you have completed will remain completed and the ones that remain will be waiting for you. Of course, there will also be an eleventh year to finish, but that's time for you. It marches onward for all the free peoples, even the Elves.

LOTRO Beacon Issue #9 is out. The weekly comment to respond to for your chance to win 500 LOTRO points is, "Let's pretend an advertising group wants to create a slogan for Lembas Bread. What should it be?"

Pfeifenkraut wrote a time-saving guide for the Anniversary Festival.

I've added a Twitch block to the website that features LOTRO streamers. As well as being entertaining, I've noticed LOTROstream offers LOTRO point givaways, and some of the other streamers also offer giveaways.

The Lootbox Celebration! continues through May 8th
Increased drop rates for Lootboxes, throughout Middle-earth

Double Bonus Points ends this week on April 29th.

20% off Quest Packs, XP Boosts & More.
April 28th - May 4th

Photocaption Contest entries:

Please vote on the photocaption contest in the polls block to the right. Voting will close on May 4th 1PM Eastern. The the winner will receive a tapistry from the Roving Threat Quartermaster.

See you in Middle-earth.

- Interitus


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