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Travel Window
Travel window creates a window that has all your travel skills and a small moveable icon to open the window. The travel skills can be displayed as icons or text.

Sequence bars can be used to add as many ??? as you want. The bars can also be set to move move under your mouse cursor in sequence. Among other things it can be useful as a gear-swapper.

LoTRO Alerts
LOTRO Alerts can be used to display a message when text you set show up in your chat logs. For example you can use it to tell you when you're poisoned or stunned. You can also set it to bring up a skill for you to click on. It can also be used to set up timers that will show when particular skills time out.

PvMP+ tracks a whole bunch of things related to PvMP. It also alerts you when you sense someone unseen who is nearby such as a warg, and tells you when anyone in your party gets a key or lootbox drop.

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