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Raid Support

Date: May 06, 2017
Posted by: Interitus
Category: Raids
Have a raid, epic battle, instance, roving threat or fellowship quest you need help with?

Just let me know and I'll help any Saturday after 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 Central, 8:00 PM GMT).

I'm currently VIP, so I should be able to help with anything that doesn't have prerequisites I haven't done. My main is a level 105 champion, but I also have captain about level 53, a Rune Keeper about level 41 (can do heals), and a Guardian around level 33 (my alts aren't well equipped). I'm happy to remove armour and use a lower level weapon if you want me to avoid doing too much DPS. I'm also happy tanking if you want me to hold a boss while you DPS it.

If you want to earn some promotion points in big battles, I have about 260, so I should be able to help. Also, if you want someone to organize roving threats, I have no problem doing so.

I'll commit to 1 raid per Saturday, but you can always request help any other time I'm online.

To request help please leave a comment with the following information.
Time (with timezone):
Type of support requested (e.g. healing, tanking, DPS, level):
Who else you'd like to invite if anyone:

- Interitus

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