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[Pinned] Photo Contest Announcement!

Hey Kin!Here's the forum post where we will be voting.Rules:1) Must be a screenshot you took.2) Subject matter is up to the player (people, places, items, etc. is left to the creative eye).3) All of your entries must be submitted to the Media fold...
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[Pinned] Kinship Suggestion Thread

Hello Kin!One of the principles of TUP that we discussed when forming TUP was the idea of an open and accepting kin. One way to do this is by asking for suggestions and feedback from all Members of TUP.Sometimes it just takes one person to say "Wh...
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[Pinned] Useful Tools
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[Pinned] Useful Tools

Here are some tools that are useful for playing the game or improving your website and forum experience!SigLaunch:Wanna make your own custom signatures? The one with the most freedom to customize that I have found has been SigLaunch, provided by G...
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Kaldy's LP Grind Guide for Anthology Plugin

I put Kaldy's LP Grind Guide in Anthology, and dropped it into a google folder.Here is the link for the Anthology PluginTo import the file, place it in the folder that matches this format:Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\PluginData\yourAccou...
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I got this raid a few weeks ago and have a couple alts near level and 2 in the hundreds. I would like to see if there is any interest in running it as a kin. I'm thinking in about 2 or so weeks on a Saturday night around 8pm eastern. I'm just look...
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Adventurer's Journal

12/29/2016Visited Frostbluff this morning. In the spirit of Yule Festival I set off some fireworks, then picked the pockets of some wealthy patrons. Someone told me I'm a hack and threw rotten fruit at me. I thought that was pretty harsh consid...
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all my characters are gone

after this latest update on 10/13/2017, after logging in, it wanted me to create a new character. everyone is gone. it shows me as vip still and says that i have 8 open slots(i had 7 filled). i've submitted a bug report. hopefully i get them all b...
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Some of my Favorite LOTRO Plugins

Travel WindowTravel window creates a window that has all your travel skills and a small moveable icon to open the window. The travel skills can be displayed as icons or text.SequenceBarsSequence bars can be used to add as many ??? as you want. T...
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Basics of the LOTRO music system

Instruments can be purchased from a BardLearning new instruments:If you want to learn a new instrument, then you need to find a Minstrel to teach you. They gain the ability to teach some instruments at level 30, and at level 50, they are capable...
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Farming Gold

1) Mordor Resource QuestsThe Mordor Dailies are probably the best way to get high value items in the shortest amount of time right now. Since I don't have access to those quests yet I can't say what kind of return per hour you'd get, however here...
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Indefinite Absence

I will not be ingame for a few days, maybe a week. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow, a form of tendinitis over the weekend. I was told to stay offline by my dr. today for a few days and rest my arm/hand(I probably shouldn't be doing this even).Bu...
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Chat Tabs

We now have the possibility of 8 chat tabs. Here's how I've been using mine.General (everything except loot, combat, emote and advancement)This is the tab I use when I feel like watching world (which isn't often)Kinship (emote, event broadcast, f...
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Problem with pictures

2 days ago Photobucket changed their policy so that they now don't allow hot-linking (the entire purpose for anyone to use their service) on free accounts. I'll be moving the images to another location, meanwhile a lot of pictures may not shop up...
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I already solo'ed it. But here is a video about it:
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lotro problem :(

Hello hello! I've got a problem here. I've been trying to come online for a week or two but lotro won't start after i login and press play. Does anyone know a solution because i really want to play again..
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Scavenger Hunt

Week 1Year 1 Tales: FrodoLobelia Sackville-Baggins [29.4S, 71.3W]Bag End [29.4S, 71.3W] Remembrances are insideFarmer Maggot [34.3S, 64.4W] use /patPrancing Pony [29.7S, 51.3W] /danceTom Bombadil's House [32.6S, 57.3W]Candaith's Encampment (ranger...
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You can exchange NI essence fragments in Bree

Yea! There's a vendor at [30.2S, 51.0W], Frithbert, whom you can exchange your Northern Ithilien essence fragments with. So anyone who has fragments on their lower tier alts can turn them in during this festival.
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New User Chat Channels

As of Update 19.3 (feb), we now have 8 customizable chat channels. I'm pretty sure nobody is using all of them. It made me thing, that maybe it would be a good idea to get together some smaller kinships who don't have enough high level players f...
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New Successor

Hey Kin!I just wanted to let everyone know that G has decided to step down as Successor of TUP. As many of you know him and I work together and at one point could easily manage TUP together without many issues. Unfortunately, him and I both moved ...
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Happy Birthday, Tedro!

What the subject line says.
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