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Interitus / Jul 30, 2017

Hobnanigans will start on Aug 3rd and run through the 6th.Farmers Faire is coming up on Aug 23 and will end Sept 6th.Most importantly the 3rd anniversary of TUP is coming up on Aug 26th. Please try and leave some time available for a kin activity...

Interitus / Jul 08, 2017

Summer festival will continues until July 16th. Make sure to finish off any scavenger hunt quests you'd like to finish this year because the hunt ends on July 13th.Prepare for Battle! Get 20% off: Stat Tomes Regeneration Food Run Speed Boosts Att...

Photocaption Winners

* *Duvaindis

* *Tedro

Photo Contest Winners

First Place

Duvaindis with Merry Meadow

First Runner Up

Ameleth with Pretty Sky

Second Runner Up

Maiwin with Wonder-fall
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