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Interitus / Oct 13, 2017

Fall Festival begins on October runs to November 2nd at 3 am.SSG has released issue #30 of the LOTRO Beacon. The comment to respond to this week for your chance to win 500 LOTRO points is, "What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival...

Interitus / Oct 06, 2017

Hobnanigans has begun, and continues till October 9th at 3am.Fall Festival begins on October 10th at 10 am and runs to November 2nd at 3 am.Kudos to Avedram for figuring out how to get platinum on the side quest Searching the Debris in the Deeping...

Photocaption Winners

* *Duvaindis

* *Tedro

Photo Contest Winners

First Place

Duvaindis with Merry Meadow

First Runner Up

Ameleth with Pretty Sky

Second Runner Up

Maiwin with Wonder-fall
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